Please leave suggestions and/or requests.
12/21/2010 04:32:57 pm

Three suggestions:
1. change underscores "_" into spaces
2. change dots "." into spaces
3. changelog

1/7/2011 03:03:57 am

Just downloaded these very useful tools.
Thanks :)

1/9/2011 06:22:58 pm

Hi, thanks for your work !
I've probably the same interest as "dutchJewel" for renaming.. let say files from the web...

But I wonder if a "name paster" would be long and hard to do..
to be clear : I've got an .AVI an .SRT and it's always a pain in the.. well always boring to "f2" the avi "select the name, NOT the extension !", copy, "f2" the srt, "select the name NOT the extention", paste... Enjoy.

an apps wich could rename a file as a second with few rules*.. would be great :)

* rules like : the biggest files is always the source, not the target.


1/9/2011 11:18:09 pm

Thanks for a very nice program (WinSorter) with many useful text manipulation functions.

I'd like to request the ability to preserve certain characters while converting the rest to blanks. To simplify implementation, you could require the user to set up a text file in the program folder that would be used to specify a string of characters (such as all alphanumeric) to be retained; characters in the source data that are not in the string would be converted to blank. This function would provide an easy and flexible method for cleaning up data, such as from applications that do not provide for exporting to csv.

1/10/2011 05:29:21 pm

ho.. I forgot : of course my suggestion was about nae swapper, not winsorter :)

1/11/2011 11:42:53 am

WinNumpad Position is a very good tool.
However it does not work well when the task bar is on the left of screen.
The left task bar position is the best for wide screen I think.

1/12/2011 08:28:18 am

Thank you for writing WinSorter, it is really fine. Can you make your next AHK do exactly the same but with files in Explorer (without copying to clipboard, but change the file names directly)? Best of wishes.

1/15/2011 01:03:25 am

Hi. Winsorter is a great tool to have on the system.

As I live in Sweden we have some special characters (we share it with Germany) that are not handled by Winsorter, could you please add the handling of UTF-8 characters?
I found some help at

For me the char äö should be replaced by ÄÖ.

1/15/2011 07:54:13 pm

Thanks for developing Winsorter.

A suggestion for a conversion setting that would be useful for bulletted list, etc: Capitalize first letter of a line.

1/21/2011 06:09:21 am

Would appreciate being able to configure which keys WinNumPad used. My netbook does not have either a dedicated or embedded keypad. Being able to change the keys to the numbers along to top of the keyboard would be helpful. Thanks!

2/6/2011 05:15:20 pm

I've just started using Win NumPad Positioner and I must say the program is brilliant and hugely useful. However, there is one problem I seem to be having... My Start Menu Bar / Task Bar is located at the top of my screen, and so any windows positioned using Win + 7/8/9 are overlapped by the start bar. Hopefully this is not a hard task to fix, and would improve the program a lot. Anyway, Thanks again for such a brilliant program.

2/8/2011 03:13:46 am

Win NumPad Positioner is wonderful. Very similar to a program I used to use all the time called GridMove, but GridMove will not work on my work computer :(

This is an excellent replacement though. And I LOVE that it doesn't need to be installed, just unzipped. This made it possible to use on my work computer (installs require admin priveledges).

2/8/2011 03:16:12 am

Win NumPad Positioner suggestion:

One of the size options for num key 5 should be full screen!

Also, is there a way that the Maximize/Minimize button can be updated when using this? A very minor gripe, but annoying none-the-less.

2/10/2011 02:03:35 am

Thank You! for this very, very useful tool =)
I use it occasionally.

FAQ: Is there a chance to add an "unwrap lines" (with/without Spaces) feature ?

salü & peace

2/10/2011 02:04:44 am

PS: sry, means WinSorter ;)

2/19/2011 11:34:42 am

Your tool is useful.. I download it and put to the collection software in my hard disk.

2/22/2011 07:01:51 pm

About NumpadPositioner: Great program!

I have a feature request: make it work with dual-screen/multi-monitor.

2/23/2011 07:16:53 am

Win NumPad Positioner is simple, efficient, and elegant, but I'd like to suggest adding multiple monitor support.

Perhaps, adding Ctrl-Win <numpad> option for the second monitor and/or having windows snap to whichever monitor it's already on (currently, even if window is already on second monitor, it snaps to the first monitor).

5/15/2011 04:03:42 pm

Win NumPad is GREAT!
I have one request.
With movie player, I want to position it, but no resize.
I want no-resize option. (e.g. Shift+Win key)
Thank you!

8/30/2013 02:58:49 am

Done - Beta v2
Ctrl + WindowsKey + Numberpad

Bill K
9/15/2011 12:34:17 am

I found WinSorter a couple of weeks ago and it is now a regular in my utility "toolbox".

Another feature that would be a great help to me would be the ability to sort on a specified column group. I deal with a lot of name and address lists where the last name is in the second field. I'd love to be able to sort those lists on columns 21-30 instead of 1-n. Since I can remove duplicates in the lists using any of the 'sort, de-dup' functions already in WinSort, I would only need the basic internal field sort capability.

Just a thought.

Thanks for a great utility.


10/2/2011 11:47:36 pm

@Bill K Try a bat file containing
sort Inputfile.txt /+20 /O Output.txt

10/4/2011 06:59:57 am

WinSorter works very well as an addition to my editor (AkelPad), many many thanks.

Most notepad replacements offer the ability to run external tools. I have three suggestions - feel free to ignore all of them!

1. I would like to call WinSorter from my menu/toolbar/hotkeys WITH command line options e.g.

WinSort.exe "Remove duplicate lines"

This would require:-
-Only one instance
-Reading of command line options

Perhaps multiple command line options, or is that greedy ;)

2. I would also prefer a quiet mode to reduce distractions.
-No icon
-Turn off notifications

Perhaps a local WinSorter.ini file to carry these options in a portable way.

Thanks again.


11/24/2011 05:12:04 pm

WinNumPad suggestions :
First action should be position the windows WITHOUT changing its size (that lets the user select a customized size for the windows) and remember of course remember the initial position through the cycle.
Usefull little utility ! Thanks.

8/30/2013 02:58:02 am

Ctrl + WindowKey + Numberpad
To move without changing size

2/29/2012 12:23:57 am

Many thanks! Very good software.

Please make convert slash into backslash / >> \

tanks al lot from germany!

3/17/2012 10:45:12 pm

How do i uninstall winnumpad?

Gary Furash
11/6/2012 01:03:50 am

Keep working on it. Add a paypal donate $5 thing.

1/12/2013 10:08:00 pm

Hello. Thank you for Win NumPad Positioner, it is a great tool! I have made a comparison on the freeware all over the net that offer the same functionality and Win NumPad Positioner is the winner by far.
It's just one thing away from perfection, it is not multi-monitor friendly. If I move a window on my second monitor and then I choose a location with NumPad Positioner, it snaps into correct place but on my first monitor instead of the second one. Can you please please make a minor update to fix that?
Thank you so much!
Sincerely, Laurentiu

8/30/2013 02:56:49 am

Think it is done - but don't have multimontor to check it.
Uploaded as Beta v2

6/9/2014 07:48:52 pm

Seems to be working for me - Thank you! :)

8/19/2013 09:52:00 am

It would be nice if WinSorter would understand russian. I can give you as much help with it as I can. Contact me if you are intersted.

10/16/2013 01:01:29 am

Winsorter doesn't seem to work with Mempad v3.53 (Unicode)... ?


1/26/2016 08:18:16 pm

Hello I wanted to thank you for offering Winsorter for free. It is not something I use 24hrs a day but certainly is a timesaver when needed. I wanted to ask for a feature.

Could you add "Change SPACES to UNDERSCORES" ? And/or could you add a feature where SEARCH / REPLACE characters could be customized by the enduser? i.e. Coivert x to x - and the user could choose the character or characterS to fill in - being able to add this to the popup menu would also be great.

Thanks for reading

4/3/2017 12:57:31 pm

I have feedback for WinNumPad Positioner on Windows 10 (x64, if it helps): when resizing, it leaves an ugly empty are around the windows. I'm almost sure It's because Windows 10 uses invisible window frames.

6/30/2018 11:02:37 am

Thanks for the utility! Suggestions:
"Collapse whitespace" to reduce 2 or more consecutive spaces, tabs, and empty lines throughout the text.

"Trim leading and trailing whitespace", "Trim leading whitespace"
"Trim trailing whitespace", to delete spaces and tabs at the beginning and end of selected lines, but not within the text.


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